This page makes me smile. Some really excellent people have drawn Cube 30 art, and it is my pleasure and pride to present them here. Enjoy, check out their sites (more than worth it), and if the urge takes you draw something yourself!

Das Uber-Talented Boyzzbot blew me away with this tribute to me, Max Radical! Truly, fanart from a far superior artist is one of the best gifts that one can recieve.

The ever ass-kicking Sketch Samurai gives me this coolness, as well as featuring your truly as a cameo in his very own strip, cunningly linked earlier in this very sentence. Cool, no?

Behold! As sketch-battler Ferio enables me to kick ass at a skill level I am not capable of myself. Badass!

Talented and accomodating. Dream-girl M2 kindly acceded to my request for a piece. Behold the results!

Latif is an excellent artist with his own 'Okinz' style, and is the person to whom Cube 30 owes more than anything. Check out his gallery for many pieces, including a crossover of Cube 30 with his own rockin' comic, Shin Tensai Kyo.

Chris Paluszek of the truly funny Carzorthade has been blowing me the hell away with these awesome pictures. These were all utterly unexpected and brought genuine happiness and grins!

Next up is the result of the strip-exchange I did with Poinko from the crazy world of Fever Dream. Funky style on the characters, and true Cube 30-style gamer humour. [For those not in the know, the GameCube game 'Animal Crossing' gets increasingly pissed off with you if you hit reset].

This is what I received in the webcomic Secret Santa 2004, a nice holiday piece from Eon of God of Tarot. The real-life Lan is on record as liking the concept of Cache in garters.

Cute fanarts from my Owlfoot, a fellow artist and net-amigo of mine. Aren't they sweet?

A piece from another deviantArtist, Brandnewhero.

Totally sweet, aren't they? Go read the contributers strips right now - you won't be disappointed!

Cube 30 by none is hosted on Keenspace, a wonderful group dedicated to getting none's work online. Maybe the work of a few other people, as well.

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