Max Radical

Several scientists have theorised that Max does not have blood, but rather a novel caffeine-sucrose compound capable of transporting oxygen. They would love to take a sample to test their theory, but can never hold him still long enough to get a needle in. He wears a HoloShirt, a high-tech piece of clothing whose pattern matches his thoughts or feelings.

For him the line between reality and imagination is blurred, and drawn in crayon.

Hit: DDR, Sugar, Computer Games, Activity.

Miss: Sitting still, seriousness.


If this was a movie, Lan would be sitting in a high backed leather chair and stroking a white cat. In the real world, of course, cats need looking after and tend to make a mess of the place, so he doesn't have one. Usually unimpressed with Maxs antics, this isn't to say that he's not crazy in his own way. They quiet, plotting, sinister way. The way where you wake up one day and find out that he's in charge.

In the course of Cube 30 he's absorbed more damage than the entire Gulf region, with no permanent ill effects. Odd, that. And we still don't know his last name.....

Hit: Civilisation III, Women, Civilisation III, Civilisation III, Tae Kwon Do.

Miss: DDR, Tae Bo.

Drive Port

Of the three, Drive is the most aware of the world around him. Or rather, that version of the world that most people would recognise. The ultimate activist, he is extremely well informed on all current affairs. He acts as a field agent for the DNS (Department of Natural Selection), occasionally recruiting Max and Lan as reinforcements when needed.

Drive knows what he's doing. We would not advise getting in his way.

Hit: Human rights, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Enterprise.

Miss: Ignorance.

Mach Wun

This guy has his dream job working as a videogame playtester. Many normal people would get bored of playing the latest and greatest video games twenty hours a day - but Mach is no normal person! Caffeine-operated, and able to break course records in any vehicle that exists. Shares some of Drives political knowledge.

Against all the odds, his extreme video gaming doesn't prevent him from having a girlfriend. Though she still doesn't count him playing games in the same room as "quality time", even when he tells her when something cool happens.

Hit: Laze, Caffeine, Arsenal soccer team, Adbusters, Jurassic 5.

Miss: Censorship, restrictions, violations of personal privacy and freedom.

Laze Blast

Biochemist, geek, and platform gamer par excellance. She is very good at her work when she does it, but could probably be distracted from a burning building she was trapped in if you threw her a game boy. Currently suffering from a major Harvest Moon addiction.

She is utterly dedicated to her man. Ask her who the most important person to her is, and without hesistation she will declare "Mari ... er, *koff*, Mach. No, I said Mach."

Hit: Mach, Mario, peanut butter cookies.

Miss: Working on sunny days.

Cache (01)

An android with a GameCube for a mainframe, she was originally built by Lan with the intention that she be brainless and, ahem, "compliant". Max upgraded her with intelligence and self awareness. Wether this was done out of a profound respect for the rights of the individual, or a desire to annoy Lan, will probably never be known. Tempers have settled since then, and she has become a full personality in her own right.

We have not yet learned if Cache can actually act in the "affectionate" manners for which she was designed. We have found that she can act in the "ass-kicking" manner of an enraged Bruce Lee.

Hit: High Quality Electronic Components, Experience.

Miss: Sexism, Uninvited Romantic Advances.

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