Date: 19/11/2005

Artist Status: Suprise!

Nope, Cube 30 is still finished - but since people still seem to be swinging by I thought I'd upload other things I've been working on. Enjoy.

Suffix: Haven't seen Goblet of Fire yet - a matter of time!

Date: 7/11/2005

Artist Status: Inspired and Upgraded

Cube 30 is shutting down. It's been a real blast, and succeeded in all its objectives (fun for me and friends, improving my skills, learning about writing a comic, taking part in kick-ass web things like Sketch Battle) and even been super cool in terms of things I didn't expect, like fan art from talented artists.

Now its time to take what I've learned, spend a while longer improving my skills, then return to the comic-ry with a brand new and better product I conceived while working on Cube 30. Featuring amazing things like ongoing story, and a plot that isn't "Few nerdy guys in flat comic #4324322".

Suffix: The Cube 30 characters will be back, but not quite as you've known them.

Date: 19/9/2005

Artist Status: Bzzzzzzzzy!

This week is very nice in terms of comicry! A new issue of Hsu And Chan is out (go read it, you fools!), and I recieve an astonishing amount of ultra cool fanart! Go see!

Suffix: Seriously, the new fanarts are ultra cool!

Date: 26/9/2005

Artist Status: Improving and Evolving

This comic took longer than normal - I'm implementing new technology and methods to further enhance your Cube 30 experience!

Suffix: I'll draw a request piece for whoever recognises the poster in todays strip - let me know if you get it.

Date: 19/9/2005

Artist Status: Arrrr!

Avast, ye landlubber, and be aware that today be International Speak Like a Pirate Day!. Join us in pirate lingo and enjoy yar grog, or cross us and sleep in Davy Jones locker!

Suffix: Arrrrr!

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