Date: 12/9/2005

Artist Status: Hoo-ha!

Comic is online, before even the end of Monday. I also learned some cool stuff about lasers today, including gaining the change to use the phrase "nano-plasmonics". And know what it means!

Suffix: An hour-and-a-half journey to and from the conference is bad. But Advance Wars: Dual Strike makes it good!

Date: 11/9/2005

Artist Status: Chief, just give me 24 hours!

A confluence of almost all remaining deadlines in my work has delayed the comic - but it will still be here, for I do not bend or quit in the face of the world!

Suffix: I passed my MSc presentation/committee meeting! Woohoo - more college for me!

Date: 1/9/2005

Artist Status: Moving on up!

Check it out! Another milestone in hits - first 1k, then 2k, then 7k - I like this exponentiality! I originally planned to celebrate 5k, but by the time I had time to draw something the site hit 7k. Also available are the first Cube 30 wallpapers.

Suffix: For a while, I was able to go toe-to-toe with Dark Sims.

Date: 28/8/2005

Artist Status: Cameo-tastic

Another script O' Fun from my collaborator, Lordy(aka Lan). If you don't recognise the people in the plane, you should really check them out.

Suffix: I am resisting the urge to try World of Warcraft with all my might. But I want to hang out with all the other cool comics on Dark Iron!

Date: 22/8/2005

Artist Status: Super-achiever

This strip almost didn't happen. I'm very busy physics-wise, I came home at 10 pm, and was very close to just letting it slide. Then I remembered that THAT ISN'T ME! WOOOHOOO! Also, I've upgraded the methods used to colour/complete the art, you might notice an improvement in quality.

Suffix: Today I discovered that BBQ Quail is delicious.

Date: 7/8/2005

Artist Status: Ill-disposed towards jibba-jabba.

Check out the awesomeness! T is back, and I had to have it. This weeks strip was a real labour of love.

Suffix: If you have not seen the film "The Toughest Man in the World", then your life is naught but a hollow and empty thing.

Date: 25/7/2005

Artist Status: Busy busy.

So, the strip is biweekly during crunch time. And Wow, check it out - Humour and social commentary. It ended up a little harsher than I originally intended, but I decided to leave it because it works.

Suffix: Meteos demands that I play it, but I resist, for I have reports due!

Date: 8/6/2005

Artist Status: High Gain

Deadlines are approaching, and so I miss monday update. But all work and no play makes Max an unimaginative and mistake-prone physicist, so I should be able to get the comic up later in the week during lunchbreak.

Suffix: Latest Transformer acquisition - Devastator!

Date: 25/6/2005

Artist Status: Rebuilding

I'm back from my transcontinental travels, and doing some heavy-grade surfing to catch up on all the webbery I missed while gone. Also, comics. There will also be work, but I suspect not today.

Suffix: Constantine was better than I expected it to be.

Date: 8/6/2005

Artist Status: Travel-tastic!

Behold, as I assemble all the materials required to travel to Munich and talk about lasers! Yep, I'm heading off to broaden my mind and see the world, with college backing. Nice.

Suffix: Yoshi Touch & Go is much, much better than it first appears.


Hi everybody!

Big news from the Cube today - your friendly neighbourhood artist/writer Max Radical (aka me) will be a competitor in the next season in the excellent Sketch Battle. If you haven't gone over to check out this wonderfully fun site where webcomic artists duke it out, you really should. It's gonna be fun going up against big players like Big Evil (battled him once before) and excellently funny guys like Zach of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Sketch Battle gets over a million hits a month, you know? Big leagues!

Also, many thanks again to Chris of Carzorthade. If I haven't told you how great this comic is before, it's because it's your first time here. Go!

Date: 22/5/2005

Artist Status: Energon-ized!

If you had told me there could be something cooler than an Autobot logo, I would likely have considered you a fool. Then I beheld this wonder, and saw that a damaged metal Autobot logo is even cooler.

Suffix: Sketch Battle coolness is continuing.


I haven't dropped the ball yet, and though it is arcing towards the floor I will pull off an awesome diving rescue. There will be a new comic up on Monday, though it might be pretty late in the night. So you'd best check on Tuesday. I will prevail!
UPDATE: Awesome diving save achieved! The new comic is up, and the nonstop Monday update record is maintained! In your face workload!


Check it out! The fine folks over at Sketch Battle have invited the brave, the skillful and the stupid to duke it out on their forums. Being an unspecified combination of these three attributes, I accepted, and engaged in combat with Liam from Love and Centaurs. View the results here.


Repaired the archives, fixing some problems with repeating comics. I don't know why the Keenspace server decided that some of the strips should be shown twice, but I flatter myself with the belief that the automated page generating script though they were funny. It also seemed to like Cache: Belldandy, for which I can scarcely blame it.


Continued coolness in Cube 30 command, as we blast through the 2,000 hits barrier. Extra turbo-boosting provided by a link from Alien Loves Predator. What's more, this kilo-hit was much faster than the last. It would now take Chugworth about two minutes to equal my total hits, as opposed to the one of before. (Of course, that drops down to about ten seconds when he draws his characters naked and screwing).

News, links, fanart and archive pages updated.


We are currently accelerating through awesome and right into Rad! Cube 30 has broken the 1,000 hits barrier and is still gaining speed, thanks in large part to incredibly cool link-age from the excellent Carzorthade. To celebrate, we feature a bonus art piece unavailable anywhere else - a first look at Cache: Goddess Upgrade. Enjoy!


Check out the wonderfulness! A brand new year, and Cube 30 is off to a flying start with a whole passel of excellent fanarts - hurry off to the extras section to check them out. Of particular and conspicuous coolness is Chris Paluszek of Carzorthade excellence, who not only contributed suh-weet fan-art but also linkage which has led to an unprecedented spike in site hits! Wooohooo!


Behold, for Cube 30 continues to run with all kinds of professional things, like advance comics, timely updates, and even the odd visitor or two! Today brings more to the score though, a bonus piece of art detailing the Rock Fall Ball 2004! Wooohooo! This is the yearly celebration of several tons of rocks failing to kill or even de-left-leg-ify me a while back. It's a good day, and one I enjoy. You should too!


Check it out! Weeks later, and despite foot-smashing injuries, midterms and varied (yet ineffectual) assaults upon my good person, the comic continues to not only be updated, but in fact run with two weeks of advance comics in reserve. Sure, that's only two comics with a once-a-week update schedule, but by god it's still professional as anything!


Behold! For now, the website is fully functioning and complete! Or at least, all those parts that are incomplete at least now work, links-wise, and have things there warning people that they're incomplete. I've also moved all past comics into the past, and the next few updates will be comics that have actually been completed in the time of this websites existence. Wooohooo! I am all over this thing!


News? You want news? Well, this entire site is new and I'm setting up my Cube 30 for a full-on webcomic style run - how's that for news?

With this being my first ever news post, I'd like to take the chance to say a few things.

The Site
No, the site isn't finished. Bits and pieces will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks as I finish them. It'll be ready to rock and roll within a fortnight.

No whining
If I wanted to bitch on the web to people who don't care, I'd get a blog. I didn't. I made a comic, because I enjoy making comics. I will not get confused between these two ideas, as some (admittedly very good) artists seem to. I will never tell you what is sucking in my life, and I will not write eye-meltingly long rants on the comics page. I will either tell you how much my life rocks, or nothing at all. (Note: If I don't tell you that my life is rocking, that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't rocking. It may simply be rocking so hard that I don't want to spare the time to write about it.)

There will be updates. Always. That's the reason for the low update rate - it may not be very frequent, but by god it'll be when I say it will. Even if I absolutely can't get a comic up in time, I will have something uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Also, any such interrupts or art pieces will not be allowed to clutter up the archives, and will instead reside in the extras page.

Okay, that's about it for now. Shoo! Go, get out of here - and lock the door after you!

Cube 30 by none is hosted on Keenspace, a wonderful group dedicated to getting none's work online. Maybe the work of a few other people, as well.

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